cover songs: “the promise”

until just a couple of days ago i had been traveling for just shy of three whole weeks. for an american, that is an eternity. the longest i have traveled was that road trip back in july of 2014 that lasted for a full month. that felt different though, it was all so familiar. texas, chicago, friends’ houses, family. now that i am back i had a lot of stories to catch up on, as in the stories i watch on my laptop.

last night, while watching the leftovers, there was a scene in a “honky-tonk” and this song began to play. i recognized the lyrics immediately, but it took a few lines before it sunk in what song it was.

once i realized what song it was, a wave washed over me and i was taken back to the 80s. what a song, what a time. i won’t give away any of the story, so no spoilers here. just enjoy this great cover version by sturgill simpson and the original song below, by when in rome.

any memories rise to the surface for you upon hearing these?


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