ticket stub story / december playlist

winter in southern california is pretty gorgeous. foggy mornings, sunny afternoons, perfect sunsets. we’ll get a few days here and there where it’s cold enough to wear a big bright scarf and a jacket, but no need for layers. not like the UK. oh, man did i get cold while i was there.

welcome to the december playlist! you will find songs that i heard while traveling, folks i saw live, bands i got turned on to (avec le soleil sortant de sa bouche is a MUST), and other songs that struck my fancy. enjoy the tunes and see you in 2016!




brain radio: “last christmas”

december 26, 1990.

i was a fifteen-year-old vegetarian kid in a smiths “meat is murder” tee shirt (that i wish i still had). i was on my way to london for the very first time. this classic Wham! song was playing in the airport or possibly on the plane as we were boarding. i think of it every year at this time, it was playing in my head a whole lot while i was in the UK recently. the holiday lights were out, shoppers filled oxford street, and i felt like that same teenager, full of wonder, ideas. this song always ends up on my holiday playlists.

this music video is so of the time. look at that hair!


this year, to save me from tears, i am spending the holidays in northern california at a 10-day vipassana meditation course. it will be my first holiday season away from all distractions to go deep into mindfulness. exciting! scary! challenging!

there are a lot of stories still to share from the UK adventures and even more groovy happenings coming in 2016 so don’t be a stranger, ok?

happy holidays to all!

cover songs: “the promise”

until just a couple of days ago i had been traveling for just shy of three whole weeks. for an american, that is an eternity. the longest i have traveled was that road trip back in july of 2014 that lasted for a full month. that felt different though, it was all so familiar. texas, chicago, friends’ houses, family. now that i am back i had a lot of stories to catch up on, as in the stories i watch on my laptop.

last night, while watching the leftovers, there was a scene in a “honky-tonk” and this song began to play. i recognized the lyrics immediately, but it took a few lines before it sunk in what song it was.

once i realized what song it was, a wave washed over me and i was taken back to the 80s. what a song, what a time. i won’t give away any of the story, so no spoilers here. just enjoy this great cover version by sturgill simpson and the original song below, by when in rome.

any memories rise to the surface for you upon hearing these?